Meridian Pneumatic Compression Full Leg Garment Insert, Long #6003L

Meridian Pneumatic Compression Full Leg Garment Insert, Long #6003L

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Part Number:6003L
Meridian Pneumatic Compression Half Leg Garment Insert #6003L
Manufacturer: MediPress

Warranty: 1 year

MediPress promotes circulation of blood and lymph in the disabled regions of the arms and legs by increasing the pressure of muscular tissue with continuous, repetitive contractions of the four chamber system. This system increases lymphatic flow by mimicking the lymphatic system to help promote wound healing, allow fluid exchange, soften subcutaneous tissue, reduce swelling/fibrosis, and decrease girth of area. MediPress is indicated for, but not limited to, primary or secondary lymphedema, venous insufficiency (CVI), venous disease, arterial disease, or any general swelling/fluid in the extremities.

Segmental Gradient Compression for treatment of lymphedema or venous insufficiency

Available inserts extend the circumference garments
Available in S (short), M (medium) and L (long)
Compression through 4 chambers with distal to proximal direction for effective stimulation of circulation
Available in Full Arm, Full Leg and Half Leg
Easy zipper application with large pull tabs

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