Shoebaum Short  Air CAM Walker Boot with Lateral Shock Reduction

Shoebaum Short Air CAM Walker Boot with Lateral Shock Reduction

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Shoebaum Short Air CAM Walker Boot with Lateral Shock Reduction

Size: Adult One-Size Fits All 5.5 - 11

Product Description:
Shoebaum Short is the world's first patented Short Injury Boot/CAM Walker with three independent loaded spring shock absorbers that reduce the impact of the injured leg with the ground as the patient walks and steps on the injury. The Shoebaum Short patented technology also includes a multi-angle hinge at the ankle level that may be blocked at certain positions (if needed) and comes in a standard black color with yellow night reflectors across the boot.

Product Innovation:
The Shoebaum Short comes equipped with a revolutionary slideable patented spring-loaded sole that also works as a pressure reduction system for when the user walks with a foot or ankle injury. No other walking boot has a hinge system that allows the patient to walk in a perfect ergonomic manner. The Multi-function hinge at the ankle level may be "blocked" or adjusted from 90 degrees to 135 degrees. It has the ability to lock at intervals of 10 degrees of angle variations.

Product Benefits:
With the Shoebaum Walker Boot, patients with fractures do not require a cast, just a Shoebaum. The sock inside the Walker Boot is disposable. The Shoebaum is PATENTED Worldwide. Works best for all upfront metatarsal pressure discomforts, such as Metatarsal fractures, post-operatory hallux valgus, plantar diabetic ulcers, plantar fascitis disorders, gout disorders, or any post-operatory foot or ankle surgeries and/or physical recovery injuries.

Product Technology:
Special Dynamic Three Module Shock-Absorbing system (Heel-flat-toe) that reduces the impact of the gait on injuries, promoting the fast recovery of soft tissue trauma and stable fractures. It is also an effective tool for lower limb rehabilitation, as well as a post-operative immobilization device. The slideable sole technology found at the sole of the Shoebaum Short has the latest technology in shock/vibration pressure vibration on the plantar side of the foot.

Product Unique Features:
Convenient Velcro® Straps for fast and easy adjustment, Easy front access to supervise wounds without removing immobilization, "Toe-Bumper System" that protects the injured toe from impact, Anti-vibration, and Impact - absorbing EVA sole. The Shoebaum Short is the only boot with three independent shock/vibration absorbers that maintain the foot suspended while the shock absorbers make the gait feel more natural, taking all pressure and vibration off while walking.

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