Bell-Horn Spine Brace, Size 3XL #99510

Bell-Horn Spine Brace, Size 3XL #99510Bell-Horn Spine Brace
Item #99510
Size: 3X-Large
HCPCS Code: L0626
DMERC and Medicare approved

Bell-Horn Orthopedics introduces the OrthoArmorMST line of modular spinal therapy braces. This brace, like the rest of the modular spinal therapy braces, is a retail packaged item and features a patented 5-to-1 biomechanical closing system.

The Spine Brace is an affordable lumbar orthosis, which is DMERC and Medicare approved. It comes in a variety of sizes, from small to 3X and can fit waists from 25″ up to 55″. As a result of the patented pulley system, this brace conforms and contours to each patient with a single pull.

The Spine Brace has ergo-dynamic panels and a flexible pulley system in an intermediate brace which comfortably contour and conforms to each patient’s body. The low-friction flexible pulley system has a quick, one-hand adjustment providing controlled compression and support level.

Features Include:

  • Single front closure provides easy opening and closing.
  • Patent # 35940


Multiple level decompression, laminectomy, posterior lateral fusion

Size: 3X
Waist Size: 50″ – 55″