DeRoyal Inline Air Walker Boot, L4360

DeRoyal Inline Air Walker Boot, L4360

The DeRoyal Inline Air Walker is an off-the-shelf low-profile orthopedic boot that offers maximum comfort and support for patients by using an inflatable air bladder for maximum compression and stabilization. The cam walker boot has a unique air bladder in that it’s non-welded which reduces the chance of over-inflation to the point of bursting or tearing. This DeRoyal pneumatic boot features rigid, flared uprights that form easily to differently contoured legs and provides superior stability. The straps secure to the uprights to properly position the lower leg correctly inside this “broken foot boot” during ambulation. The boot has a wide, flat footbed with a low-profile, rocker bottom, treaded sole which promotes natural gait movement and safety.

Inflatable air bladder design for compression and stabilization.
Rigid, flared uprights provide stability.
Rocker bottom promotes natural gait.
Flat, wide footbed is comfortable and provides stability. Treaded sole for patient safety.

Choose either Standard Height or Low Top Height.
Closed heel to prevent heel migration.

Sizing: Based on US Adult Shoe Sizes

S = Men’s Shoe (3.5 – 7), Women’s Shoe (5 – 8.5)
M/L = Men’s Shoe (7.5 – 10.5), Women’s Shoe (9 – 12)
XL = Men’s Shoe (11 & up), Women’s Shoe (12.5 & up)

Available Versions:
Standard Height
Low Top Height

Moderate to Severe Ankle Sprains & Strains (Grade 2 and 3)

Stable Fractures of tibia, fibula, talus and tarsus

Post-operative immobilization (soft tissue reconstruction and ORIF – Open Reduction Internal Fixation), Metatarsal fractures

Application Instructions:
Step 1:
 Remove inner liner from the walker. Position foot and lower leg in the liner.

Step 2: Wrap liner snugly around the leg and foot. Use the hook fasteners. Insert foot and lower leg into the walker.

Step 3: Center the uprights (side panels) over the ankle to achieve a comfortable fit, and to ensure proper support. Remove the covers from the uprights and secure to wrap.

Step 4: Fasten the walker using the hook and loop leg straps. Start at the bottom and work your way up the leg. Readjust as needed for a secure and comfortable fit.

Cleaning Instructions: Remove liner from walker, and hand wash liner with a mild soap in cold water. Allow it to air dry.