DryPro Large Full Leg Waterproof Cast Cover, FL-18

DryPro Large Full Leg Waterproof Cast Cover, FL-18DryPro Large Full Leg Waterproof Cast Cover

Item # FL-18

Dry Pro by Dry Corp has specialized in keeping your cast dry since 1999 with its patented watertight vacuum seal. While the Dry Pro fits snug it also feels comfortable during a shower, bath, or an active swim. Unlike “modified garbage bag” products, the patented vacuum seal ensures watertight protection. Dry Pro products are made of high quality surgical latex that gives it the durability to be used time and time again.

Using Dry Pro products are as Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Slip it on: Stretch the Dry Pro over the arm or leg cast, bandage, or prosthesis.
  2. Make the vacuum seal: Pump out the air using the removable hand pump that is included.
  3. Take it off: Let the air back in by lifting the Dry Pro from the skin, releasing the vacuum seal and slide it off.

So go ahead and ENJOY THE WATER!


  • Dry Pro Large Full Leg Waterproof Cast Cover
  • High Quality Surgical Rubber
  • 90 Day Replacement Guarantee
  • Durable and Reusable
  • Shower, Swim and Bathe
  • Completely Waterproof Vacuum Seal
  • See and Feel the Seal
  • Complete Coverage of Full Leg Cast
  • Non- Skid Grip prevents slipping


  • Circumference: 21 & Up inches (25+ cm)
  • Length: 31.5 inches (80 cm)
  • Package Weight: 2 lb.
  • Highly Durable Surgical Grade Latex

Leg Sizes

Model Name Model # Leg Circumference Length
X-Small Leg FL-12 7½ – 11 in 19 in
Small Leg FL-14 14 – 16½  in 29 in
Medium Leg FL-16 16½ – 21 in 33 in
Large Leg FL-18 21 in and up 37 in
Sm. Half Leg HL-13 10 – 13 in 21 in
Lg. Half Leg HL-15 13 in and up 23½ in

Messy plastic bags and tape are difficult to use and simply don’t keep your cast waterproof. With the DryPro you are guaranteed a waterproof experience and a customer service team that will assist you with any questions or concerns you have.

The DryPro Waterproof Protector comes with a small pump that attaches to the white valve near the opening of the protector. By pumping all of the air out of the cast protector with the pump and placing the cap back on, the vacuum seal will allow you keep your cast dry no matter the activity you decide to participate in: shower, swimming, beach…..it’s up to you!