EchoStar Comfort Wide-Bore 1.5T MRI Scanner

EchoStar Comfort Wide-Bore 1.5T MRI Scanner

EchoStar Comfort 1.5T MRI Scanner (FDA, CE, ISO)

Manufacturer: Alltech Medical Systems

Introducing the most cost-effective wide bore MRI system in the world to the U.S. market. The AMSA Comfort features a zero-boil-off magnet, a 71 cm patient aperture and a 550 lb. patient transport system.


AllTech Medical shall dispatch installation engineer(s) and cover the cost of round-trip air-tickets to the country where installation will be carried out. Local transportation, board & lodging cost incurred by the Seller’s engineer(s) during installation and commissioning shall be borne by AllTech Medical Systems.

Clinical application training:

AllTech Medical Systems will provide 7 days on-site operator’s training to qualified staff of the end-user and cover the cost of round-trip air-tickets to the country where installation will be carried out. Local transportation, board & lodging cost incurred by the application specialist during training shall be borne by AllTech Medical Systems.

Orion RF—4 ch Wrist Phased Array Coil – This coil is specially designed for the wrist and provides high SNR and uniformity.
Orion RF—6 ch Knee Phased Array Coil – 6-channel knee coil to provide high SNR and uniformity. Supports head first and feet first modes.
Orion RF—3ch Shoulder Phased Array Coil – 3-channel shoulder array coil; the coil provides high SNR and uniformity for shoulder imaging. Easy to install for increased patient comfort.
Orion RF—8ch Breast Coil with Biopsy Capability – 8-channel breast array coil; the coil provides superior SNR and uniformity for breast imaging. Fully configurable compression plates. Biopsy capability. Anatomically shaped pillows for patient comfort.

Additional Post-Processing Station Options:

Alltech Expert Post-Processing Station
Second multi-modality post-processing workstation with multi-modality DICOM, advanced MPR/MIP, CPR, printing, fusion, 3D enterprise platform (stand-alone application server and thin-client), DICOM node, measurements and dedicated annotations

Alltech Expert VL Premium Post-Processing Station
Expert Post-Processing Station with the addition of 3D ROI Tool, 4D Navigator, Multi-Modality Fusion, ADC Creator, Iron Load calculation and Stitch Creator

Alltech Chest Package
Alltech Expert VL Premium Pack with the addition of XP-Breast, XP Vessel

Alltech Neuro Package
Alltech Expert VL Premium Pack with the addition of XP-Brain (DTI/Perfusion), XP Vessel

Alltech Full MR Package
Alltech Expert VL Premium Pack with the addition Chest Package, Neuro Package and XP-Prostate

Configuration and Specification:
Wide-bore Superconducting magnet
Item Code: MA000001

EchoStar Comfort 1.5T magnetic resonance imaging system uses a magnet independently developed by Alltech Medical Systems, with fully owned intellectual property . The MA-1 type l.5T magnet has a very high uniformity magnetic field resulting in a large 50cm scanning FOV, and excellent off-center imaging.

Size: 1740×2080×2415 (L×W×H mm)

Magnet homogeneity (typical, VRMS):
10cm DSV: < 0.002ppm
20cm DSV: < 0.02ppm
30cm DSV: < 0.06ppm
40cm DSV: < 0.2ppm
45cm DSV: < 0.5ppm
50cm DSV: < 1.3ppm

Helium boil-off rate: <0.01 litre per hour (Zero boil-off)

Helium refill period: >5 years

Emergency magnet run down switch is designed to quickly bring magnet down to unrestricted levels in an emergency situation.

The compact magnet design minimizes the fringe field.

5 Gauss = 3.8m x 2.7m(Axial x Radial)

1 Gauss = 5.1m x 3.9m(Axial x Radial)

Magnet full weight 5500kg (including cryogens)

Enable patients to see outside the magnet during many types of applications

Offer better access to the patient by the operator

Patient bore diameter 71 cm.

Automatic Patient Positioning Features

Laser Alignment Lights

Axial, Sagittal, Coronal Reference Planes

Dual Table Control Panels

Digital Information Display

Patient Handling:
Item Code: PA000001

Patient Handling
Table height: Min. 560 mm /Max. 900 mm
Maximum Patient Weight: 250 kg
Patient Positioning: Laser Marker
Based on ergonomic industrial design, lower operating noise and comfortable experience for patients.
Motorized movement
Accuracy of horizontal move: ±0.5 mm
Length: 2600mm
Scan area: 1750mm
Feet/head first mode
Patient table can move out automatically though the panel button in case of emergency, without the need to manually pull-out

Gradient Subsystem:
Item Code: 41101254

Low-power consumption, high-performance gradient system.
Actively shielded water-cooled world-class gradient system, powerful gradient Variable Field-of-View selection from 0.5 cm to 50 cm for optimum coverage and highest resolution in diagnostics. The minimum slice thickness in 2D and 3D is 0.1 mm and 0.05 mm, with 50cm FOV.
100% duty cycle for fast and demanding techniques such as ultra-short TE MRA in continuous operation, thin slice single breath-hold liver studies and EPI imaging techniques.
Maximum gradient coil amplitude of 35mT/m, per axis, i.e. 62 mT/m vector summation gradient performance,
Max. slew rate 130T/m/s per axis
Max. output voltage for each of the gradient coil axis 2000 V
Max. output current for each of the gradient axes 600 A
Separate cooling channels that simultaneously cool primary and secondary coils allow the application of extremely gradient intensive techniques at 100% duty-cycle in a new class of performance.
Acquisition of sagittal, transverse, coronal, oblique and double oblique slices with highest resolution.

RF Subsystem:
Item Code: 40501815

16-channel, high-speed signal processing platform with true real-time signal processing on the EchoStar 1.5T Computer RECON System.
Phased array system design provides a state-of-the-art digital transceiver, including new digital pulse controller, digital RF signal generator, multiple digital RF filters and ultra low noise pre-amplifiers that provide superior SNR for high-resolution imaging.
Next Generation Digital Pulse Controller
Next Generation Digital RF Signal Generator
Digital RF Receiver
Digital RF Filter
Unique ultra-low noise pre-amplifier design minimizes noise levels to ensure excellent SNR for all surface and body coil imaging.

Multi-Core Computer System:
Item Code: SA0000012

The EchoStar 1.5T computer platform is built upon a parallel, multiprocessor design that delivers the simultaneity and speed needed for clinical and advanced research operation, productivity, efficiency and streamlined data management are guaranteed with its simultaneous scanning, reconstruction, filming, archiving, networking and post-processing capabilities. Ensuring that the technologist needs to make the minimum mouse-clicks necessary to perform a patient optimized scan, the CUI User Interface includes an optimized, intuitive and flexible 3-plane interactive graphic localizer process. Once a prescription has been made, it can be easily carried through to all subsequent series with the simple click of a mouse button. It also allows advanced, computationally intensive image processing features such as MPR, 3D/MIP and other post-processing option.

Windows 7 operating system
4 core Processors
Host Memory 24 GB
Hard Disk 500GB
Reconstruction Speed (256 X 256 Full FOV): 2000images/s
Network : Dual Ethernet 1000Base-T
Monitor : 24” inch professional LCD Flat Panel, 1920 x 1200 Pixel

CD/DVD Writer for Data Backup
CD/DVD-DL Lightscribe Drive

DICOM and NetWork
Standard DICOM 3.0 interface; integrated graphics typesetting and printing software package, easily compatible with all kinds of Film
Printers and the hospital HIS / PACS System.
1000M LAN

Environment Optima System
Dual flared patient bore creates an open facade.
Two-way in-bore intercom system allows constant communication between technologist and patient
In-bore fiber track lighting system illuminates patient bore to create friendly atmosphere.
In-bore patient ventilation system may be adjusted to comfort the patient during the exam.

Item ID: 41100496

Input frequency range 64MHz
Spurious free dynamic range >96dB
Standard RF receiver channels 16 (up to 32)
Gradient 18bit Direct Digital Synthesizer
Receiver 24bit digital
Max sampling rate 1MHz per channel
Minimum slice thickness 0.3mm
Matrix 1024×1024
Data Processing & Imaging Display Subsystem

Scan Sequences:
Item ID: 40502442

Spin Echo 2D ( Single and Multiple Echo)
FSE 2D (Single and Multiple echo) up to 128 ETL
FSE Dual Echo
Fast IR
Gradient Echo and fast spoiled Gradient echo 2D / 3D
Balanced phase enhanced FLASH-2D
Fat (normal and NB) saturation and suppression for SE, FSE, IR, GRE
Angio (with and without contrast)
2D / 3D TOF
SE-EPI(diffusion), DWI
CE-MRA (2D/3D)
CE-MRA (Cine view/interactive display)
CE Liver
CE Breast
CE Brain
PPI Parallel Imaging (with RECON station)
Flow compensation
Graphically prescribed sat pulses
Walking Presat
SI interpolation
Variable, user defined oversampling
Rectangular FOV
Phase direction selection and swapping
Double and Triple oblique
Offset FOV (all directions)
Respiratory trigger techniques
Up to 1024×1024 matrix
Zero slice gap
Fully configurable PSD’s

Post Processing:
Image Subtraction
Image Filters
Archive media

Internal Chiller
Item Code: 40500924

Independently researched and developed by Alltech Medical Systems, all components are sourced from the industry’s top suppliers. With a system reserve capacity of more than 30% overcapacity, integrated control and monitoring systems, dynamic power-saving mode, the water-cooled unit can effectively cool the coldhead and gradient cooling system in order to protect the system’s stability and secure operation.

Power Distribution Unit
Item ID: SA000013

High performance, high stability, high-power distribution system.
Peak input power of up to 70KVA.
UL/TUV-certified high-performance insulated transformer, isolation power grid noise.
High-attenuation EMI filter, minimizes electromagnetic interference
Automatic protection circuits, to provide protection for the safe operation of the system.

T/R Body Coil
Item ID: CA000001

Integrated Quadrature Transmit and Receive Body Coil for general body imaging applications.

Orion RF—16ch Spine Coil:
Item ID: CA000004
Designed to meet critical requirements for full spine imaging.
16-channel phased array design that provides excellent signal to noise and uniform coverage with 50 cm FOV per mode and 75-cm total coverage.
Conforms to the natural curvature of the neck and spine.
Optional coil top (on head coil) provides imaging the of anterior cervical region. This unique split-top design enables the coil to be used for routine neck imaging applications and eliminates the need to switch to a dedicated neck coil, thereby increasing clinical efficiency and ease of use.
The CTL spine coil can easily accommodate the full range of patient sizes including the taller patient population.
Coil has markers to indicate coil outlines, which enables the accurate positioning of the anatomy and the coil at the imaging iso-center. Includes SNR testing phantoms and form-fitting pads for patient comfort.

Orion RF—8ch Head Phased Array Coil:
Item ID: CA000002
Standard Transmit and Receive Head array Coil applies uniform and dedicated RF in whole brain studies for achieving excellent image quality.
Used for head and brain applications, pediatric imaging, MRA, head and neck, etc. It provides high SNR image quality.

Orion RF—2ch Neck Phased Array Coil
Item ID: CA000008
2-channel neck coil, can be easily combined with the CTL coil used. In particular, the examination of the carotid artery can provide high SNR and uniformity.

Orion RF—12ch Torso Phased Array Coil
Item ID: 41101236
It provides higher sensitivity than any body coil offered previously by Alltech Medical Systems, to enable the highest possible signal-to-noise ratio.

Orion RF— 4ch Flex Phased Array Coil, large
Provide high quality imaging of large regions such as medium to large shoulders, hip and knee. Supports head first and feet first modes.

Orion RF— 4ch Flex Phased Array Coil, small
Provide high quality imaging of small regions such as small to medium shoulders, wrist, elbow and ankle.

Advanced application packages:
Head scanning Suite
Head Scouting pulse sequence
Head SE pulse sequence
Head FSE pulse sequence
Head GRE pulse sequence
Head IR pulse sequence
Head MRA pulse sequence
Head EPI pulse sequence
Head Diffusion pulse sequence
Head Advanced pulse sequence

Head post-processing Package
Head general post-processing Package
Head advanced post-processing Package

Spine scanning Suite
Spine Scouting pulse sequence
Spine SE pulse sequence
Spine FSE pulse sequence
Spine GRE pulse sequence
Spine IR pulse sequence – Spine post-processing Package
Spine general post-processing Package
Spine advanced post-processing Package

Extremity scanning Suite
Extremity Scouting pulse sequence
Extremity SE pulse sequence
Extremity FSE pulse sequence
Extremity GRE pulse sequence
Extremity IR pulse sequence
Extremity MRA pulse sequence – Extremity post-processing Package
Extremity general post-processing Package
Extremity advanced post-processing Package

Angiography scanning Suite
Angiography pulse sequence suite
Angiography Advanced pulse sequence – Angiography post-processing Package
Angiography general post-processing Package
Angiography advanced post-processing Package

Abdomen scanning Suite
Abdomen Scouting pulse sequence
Abdomen SE pulse sequence
Abdomen FSE pulse sequence
Abdomen GRE pulse sequence
Abdomen IR pulse sequence
Abdomen MRA pulse sequence
Abdomen Advanced pulse sequence – Abdomen post-processing Package
Abdomen general post-processing Package
Abdomen advanced post-processing Package

Pelvis scanning Suite
Pelvis Scouting pulse sequence
Pelvis SE pulse sequence
Pelvis FSE pulse sequence
Pelvis GRE pulse sequence
Pelvis IR pulse sequence
Pelvis Advanced pulse sequence – Pelvis post-processing Package
Pelvis general post-processing Package
Pelvis advanced post-processing Package

Chest Scanning Suite
Chest Scouting pulse sequence
Chest SE pulse sequence
Chest FSE pulse sequence
Chest GRE pulse sequence
Chest IR pulse sequence
Chest Advanced pulse sequence – Chest post-processing Package
Chest general post-processing Package
Chest advanced post-processing Package

Neck Scanning Suite
Neck Scouting pulse sequence
Neck SE pulse sequence
Neck FSE pulse sequence
Neck GRE pulse sequence
Neck IR pulse sequence
Neck MRA pulse sequence
Neck Advanced pulse sequence – Neck post-processing Package
Neck general post-processing Package
Neck advanced post-processing Package