High Frequency Digital X-Ray Radiography System PLX8500

DescriptionHigh Frequency Digital X-Ray Radiography System
Mfr# PLX8500

High power x-ray generator system. Accurate exposure control provides you high quality x-ray and blur-free images.

Large digital CCD-detector satisfies the photography requirements for various body parts.

Convenient image processing system and high definition medical display system provide efficient and accurate diagnosis.

Power Output: 55/65kw
Inverter Frequency: 60kHz
Tube Voltage: 40 – 150kV
Power Supply: 380V, 50/60Hz
Dual Focus: Small Focus 0.6  Large Focus 1.2
Digital Detector: CCD Detector

Advanced digital image processing technology
HD Quality image
Equipped with network sharing and integration
Easy installation and maintenance