Invacare TDX SR with Formula CG Powered Seating, #TDXSR-MCG-HD

Invacare TDX SR with Formula CG Powered Seating
HCPCS Code: K0886
HMESA CODE: 20-10-04-02 

The TDX SR builds off the proven TDX SP platform and offers the benefits of the Gearles Brushless TrueTrack Motors. True Track allows the chair to maintain its true forward path keeping the chair tracking straight. TrueTrack motors ultimately result in less fatigue for drivers of alternative driver controls. The TDX SR for Formula CG Powered Seating is available with Power Tilt, Power Recline and Power Tilt/Elevate. For Single Power Seating refer to model TDXSR-CG


  • 17.5″ Starting Seat to Floor Height for Tilt/Recline.
  • Recline has 170 degree of recline and 3″ of mechanical sheer
  • For Tilt Only 55 degrees of tilt with 300-lb weight capacity. 45 degrees of tilt with 400 lb weight capacity.
  • Conventional and Contoura Seating

Product Specifications:

Seat Width: 16″-24″

Seat Depth: 16″-22″

Electronic Options:
MK6TT TrueTrack Controller standard
Smart Actuators standard

Tilt and Recline standard with 24GEL

Base Width:
25.5″ base width with 24TRY battery Tray option


Base Frame: 60 months
Seat Frame: 36 months
Electronics: 12 months
Motor/gearbox: 12 months
Batteries: 6 months
Remaining Components (except upholstered materials, padded materials and tires/wheels) 1 year.

NOTE: For pricing & more detail on full specifications, and customizing this wheelchair, please call Customer Service at (866) 349-8662. Accessories and seating products shown in the photographs are not necessarily included in the base price of wheelchair.