Invacare XPO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator, XPO100

Invacare XPO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator, XPO100

Invacare XPO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator (Rx required)

(XPO2) eXtremely Portable

Item# XPO100

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1 Brand New XpO2 Portable Concentrator System

1 Carrying Case
1 Accessory Bag

1 A/C Power Supply
1 D/C Power Supply
3 Year Warranty

XPO2 has recently been approved for in-flight patient use on commercial airlines by the Federal Aviation Administration. Please check with your airline when making flight arrangements to avoid any delays.

The following airlines have approved the XPO2 for use on their airplanes:
American Airlines
AirTran Airways
SouthWest Airlines
Continental Airlines
Frontier Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines
KLM – Royal Dutch Airlines
British Airlines
SAS – Scandanavian Airlines
Air France
Air Berlin
Aer Lingus

Portable oxygen concentrators powered by rechargeable battery packs (not included) offer tremendous advantages over devices that must be plugged in to an AC outlet. Most importantly, they are available for immediate use, anywhere. They can be used indoors,outdoors, or while traveling.

More than half of the one million diagnosed COPD patients are under 65 and are very active. The XPO2 will help patients maintain their independence and active lifestyle. The XPO2 weighs 6-lbs with one battery, 7.3-lbs with supplemental battery, so you can simply pick it up on the way out the door. Eliminate the worry about not having enough oxygen cylinders with you. Using the shoulder strap, you simply pick it up and go. With the Invacare Portable XPO2 Concentrator, oxygen patients will experience a new level of freedom, flexibility and peace of mind. The Invacare Portable Concentrator is small, lightweight, durable and clinically robust. The XPO2 is so quiet that the person next to you won’t even know it’s on and running.

Reliable Pulse-Dose technology:
The Invacare Portable offers pulse flow from one to five liters per minute. It operates from battery, AC or DC power. Batteries charge while the unit is plugged into AC or DC source. Get 2.5-hours per battery, connect 2 batteries and get 5-hours.
The 2.5 hour battery duration (at average setting of 2 LPM) may be doubled to five hours by using an optional one-pound supplemental battery that fits easily into a pocket on the carrying case. If you’re going on a long airlines flight you can take extra batteries.

The patented, integrated electronic conserver provides a substantial bolus of oxygen at each setting and breath rate:
Setting 1:  15ml Average pulse volume @20 bpm
Setting 2:  23ml Average pulse volume @20 bpm
Setting 3:  31ml Average pulse volume @20 bpm
Setting 4:  37ml Average pulse volume @20 bpm
Setting 5:  42ml Average pulse volume @20 bpm

Easy to use front panel, just turn it on and choose your setting.  Other features include quiet, simple operation, and a contemporary, non-medical look, all of which are very important to oxygen patients.

Invacare reliability and durability:
The exclusive, long life compressor and the integrated conserver are designed to provide sufficient oxygen to keep patients saturated at all settings and activity levels. Designed for long lasting durability and reliability.

It’s so portable:
Ambulatory oxygen patients need products that fit their lifestyles. This concentrator weighs 6-lbs. The Invacare Portable Concentrator offers the reliability, performance, simplicity, and convenience that other portables lack. Just pick up the XPO2 and go!

*Notes: Extra accessories available at checkout