Swede-O Step-Smart® Drop Foot Brace #23215

Swede-O Step-Smart® Drop Foot Brace #23215

Swede-O Step-Smart® DropFoot Brace
MFR# 23215
MFR: Swede-O

Color: Black
Sizes available: S/M & L/XL
Foot: Left or Right

The only complete solution for drop foot. The Step- Smart® brace is not only designed for clearance during swing phase, it is also engineered to handle shock absorption at heel strike. The exclusive Jacob Joint® pushes the foot into gentle dorsiflexion during swing phase. Then the pre-loaded feature of the joint absorbs shock and decelerates the plantarflexion phase instantaneously during heel strike.

The dorsiflexion assist Jacob Joint® comes complete with three sets of replaceable compression components that offer varying degrees of shock absorption. This allows the practitioner to adjust the shock absorption level to match the weight and step length of the patient.

The Step-Smart was designed by a Certified Orthotist and Prosthetist
Ian Engelman, M.S. CPO, has degrees from Tufts University, Northwestern and the University of Connecticut and has over 15 years of experience in practice. Ian has fitted numerous patients with traditional drop foot devices over the years and felt that a better brace could be developed. His goal was to design a device that more accurately mimics the body’s natural walking mechanics. The Step-Smart accomplishes this goal and patients will appreciate the ease of use and greater comfort this device provides.

Step-Smart size S/M fits heel widths up to 63mm (2½ inches) and up to a Men’s shoe size 9 or Women’s size 10. The end of the footplate should land behind the metatarsal heads. The S/M footplate length is 6¼”. Step-Smart size L/XL fits heel widths up to 76mm (3 inches) and up to a Men’s shoe size 7 and higher, Women’s 8+. The end of the footplate should land behind the metatarsal heads. The L/XL footplate length is 6¾”.

NOTE: The most important measurement for determining the proper size is the heel width.