ADHD Symptoms

ADHD symptoms are not only manifested by children, but by adults as well.

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Having ADHD would never be easy for the person affected and the people around him. It has been a common misconception that only children get ADHD. It’s as if adults are immune to this type of disorder. That is wrong. Diagnosis of ADHD could be made in both adults and children alike. ADHD is somewhat considered a lifetime condition. Approximately 60% of ADHD patients suffer from their conditions until adulthood. However, you could live a normal life with the proper treatment. Let us explore the world of ADHD together in this article.

What is ADHD?

ADHD is the nickname given to the condition medically known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Another name for it would be ADD or attention deficit disorder. They are basically the same thing. This condition is mainly characterized by the inability to focus on a certain task. People with ADHD also exhibit a very impulsive behavior. People that are not knowledgeable about this type of condition might call people with ADHD as “no-good” or a “delinquent.” They think that these people have attitude problems. What they do not know is that these people cannot help it. They have a serious condition and they need professional help.

As mentioned earlier, a lot of people think that ADHD is a condition exclusive for children. While that is not true, ADHD symptoms are first manifested during childhood. Actually, it affects up to 5% of our schoolkids today. Forming an ADHD diagnosis in school children might prove to be difficult because most children really do have very short attention spans and are truly naughty. And that is the reason why both parents and teachers should know how to spot ADD symptoms so that the child could get immediate help.

What are Common ADD Symptoms?

Now, ADHD is not a condition that would require a procedure to be performed on the patient to form a diagnosis. There are no X-rays or blood tests that would help you. The diagnosis of ADHD is based on the symptoms that could be observed from the child or person. The following would be common ADHD symptoms that both parents and teachers should be watchful for.

  • Hyperactivity
  • Inattention
  • Impulsiveness

I recognize that a lot of children manifest these symptoms, and we should not jump into conclusion and suspect everyone of having ADHD. ADHD symptoms are a bit more specific. Like for example, a normal child might fidget in his seat for a while and settle down once his teacher gives him a look. A child with ADHD would ignore that look. A hyperactive child would constantly be moving, tapping his pencil, scratching his leg, touching his classmate and interrupting conversations. An inattentive child would be observed to be easily distracted by very minor things, very prone to careless mistakes and would seem to be jumping from one task to another without finishing anything.

How Do They Make an ADHD Diagnosis?

As mentioned earlier, a diagnosis of ADHD is made by basing on the ADHD symptoms that are being manifested. There are three categories to where a person with an ADHD diagnosis is classified.

  • Inattentive Type. People under this category are seen to be exhibiting inattentiveness. However, they are not hyperactive or impulsive in any way. In order for the doctor to make a confirmed diagnosis, inattention must be observe for at least 6 months. Also, the level of inattention must be disruptive to normal living and is no longer parallel to that person’s developmental age.
  • Hyperactive-Impulsive Type. In this category, people have been observed to be exhibiting manifestations of hyperactivity and impulsiveness that has been going on for 6 months already. However, hyperactive-impulsive people do not have any problems with focusing. The level of hyperactivity and impulsivity must already be above and beyond what is proper and normal to make a concrete diagnosis.
  • Combined Type. This is what everybody dreads: somebody that is not only inattentive, but hyperactive as well. Of the three, this has to be considered as the most serious and the most difficult. Again, symptoms have to be manifested for 6 months before a proper diagnosis is given.

How do They Treat ADHD Symptoms?

The foremost method for treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is through medications. The drugs of choice for ADHD is Ritalin and Adderall. These are actually stimulants. Now, one might wonder why doctors give stimulants to an already hyperactive child. Well, that is because it has been found that these drugs are very effective in lessening hyperactivity and impulsiveness.

A great tip for teachers when dealing with kids that have symptoms of ADHD would be to seat them far from the door or the window. This would lessen distractions and would help them focus. They should also not be forced to continue their lessons. The best way to help them would be to give them short breaks in-between sessions. This would allow them to expel some of their excess energy and ready them to continue their lessons.