What You Should Know About AIDS Symptoms

There are hundreds of AIDS symptoms. As the HIV virus consume the immune system over the years, the body will generally weaken. Not like other virus such as an influenza virus, the body’s immune system cannot eliminate this virus. After transmission, HIV viruses will enter the core of our immune cell and destroy them from the inside that the body cannot produce immune cells to fight infections.
At first, the body can cope with this, but it will only last about five to ten years. Insidiously, the body’s immune system will loose its capabilities to maintain the defense system. When the body has lost it, even a tiny infection that cannot do much harm to an HIV negative persons, can make a serious symptoms to an HIV positive persons. We call this an opportunistic infection. For the immune system works in all of our body’s parts, there will be hundreds of symptoms occur from head to toe. There will be numerous signs and symptoms from an AIDS person, and this mark the late stage of HIV infection.

Not all of the AIDS symptoms related to the opportunistic infection, some of them due to the HIV infection itself. This symptom includes general weakness, loss of body weight, loss of appetite, anemia and many more.These AIDS symptoms are serious complication; some of them are life-threatening condition so they need to be diagnosed quickly. A holistic approach is important because the body has loss its function and don’t have enough immunity to fight this complication.A full body examination need to be conducted and lots of laboratory and radiology examination need to be done. Then a prompt treatment is conducted to save them. When an HIV infected person has come to this late stage of infection, they have a poor outcome.The symptoms of AIDS related to its body’s parts that the infections occur. If the infection occurs on the skin, there will be many skin manifestation such as rashes, dermatitis, ulcers, and so on. If the infection occurs on the respiratory system, there will be manifestation including cough, dyspnea, weakness, and many more. If the infection occurs on the digestive system, they will have a chronic diarrhea, nausea, vomits, malnutrition, etc. If the infection occur in the central nervous system, there will be symptoms such as headache, seizure, lost of consciousness, or a change of personality.

Please protect yourself, your family, and your love ones from this disease. And don’t discriminate an HIV infected person. They have the same rights as we do to pursue their happiness.