Back Acne

Back acne, synonymous with “bacne”, clinically manifests as a slight, reddish, sometimes painful skin elevation.

Back Acne pictures

Back acne is an outbreak of pimples on the back that is sometimes more serious than facial acne. It affects both women and men, but the clinical manifestations of back acne are much severe in males. This disease doesn’t only affect the person physically, but it also negatively contributes a lot to their mental well-being. Their self-confidence is lowered. Men who have back acne don’t take off their clothing or shirts. Women also wear clothes that reveal little skin to hide these imperfections. Some individuals also don’t want to involve themselves on physical activities such as swimming.

Acne, although small in size can really affect the individual physically and psychologically. So it is better to understand what causes it to prevent further worsening of the condition, and the treatments available to cure and prevent back acne. This article will tell all about that.

What are the causes of Back Acne?

The causes of back acne are the same as that of the facial acne. It is composed of the following.

  • Excess Dead Skin Cells. Sometimes dead skin cells are not exfoliated naturally. This becomes trapped within the pores and blocks it. This aids in causing acne.
  • Increased Activity of Sebaceous Glands. There are individuals who experience too much production of oil glands. If this happens together with excess dead skin cells, the oil becomes trapped inside the pores because the dead skin cells are blocking it. This then crystallize and turn into a blockhead. After some time, it may eventually lead to acne.
  • Increase in Number of Skin Bacteria related to Acne. When the bacteria affects the pores with entrapped dead skin cells and oil, the blockhead will surely develop into acne.

What are the Other Factors that Worsen Back Acne?

Sometimes, back acne is aggravated by some kinds of clothing or gears. This is probably due to the friction caused by the rubbing of the clothing to the skin. Tight-fitting is one of the characteristics of clothing that may exacerbate the condition. Backpacks and straps of bags are also some of the gears that worsen this condition.

Sweat is also one of the contributing factors that exacerbate back acne. This is the reason why it is best to get a shower after sweating too much. It is important to point out that too much scrubbing of the body is not good because it may again cause friction. Gentle cleansing of the skin is still the preferred option.

What are the Treatments for Back Acne?

There are a variety of treatments available to treat back acne. However, removal of this condition is harder than other areas because of the characteristics of the back that are resistant to treatment; the back compared to the skin is thicker and composed of a lot of sebaceous glands.
The available treatments for removal of back acne are addressing the different causes of acne. These include the following.

  • Exfoliation of Dead Skin Cells. Because of the inherent characteristic of the back –thick skin, exfoliation of the skin of the back is safer than exfoliating the skin of the face. Use of washcloths and brushes may be helpful. If the condition exacerbates then halt this treatment.
  • Use of Anti-bacterial Soap. Back acne is caused by certain types of skin bacteria. If these are eliminated, treating it will be no problem. Showering after excessive perspiration is also important because perspiration exacerbate this condition. After using anti-bacterial soap, be sure to use a moisturizer so that the skin will not become dehydrated.
  • Use of Topical Medications. Benzoyl peroxide is the medication commonly used to treat acne. Choose medications that have 2.5% concentration of benzoyl peroxide because this is effective for a lot of people. It is applied and left on the affected skin for ten minutes. It is then washed. Throughout the day, application of the cream twice is enough.
  • Clean Clothing, Gears and Other Fabrics. Dirty Fabric and clothing attracts bacteria that may cause acne. Be sure that the fabrics and gears that touch the skin are washed and cleaned. Usage of hypoallergenic detergents and softeners are beneficial in minimizing the possibility of skin irritation.
  • Ask for Advice from Skin Specialists. When the condition didn’t become better after following the treatment mentioned above, it is best to consult a skin specialist. He will be able to give more help because he has more knowledge about this field and has many types of equipment capable of reducing and even eliminating the disease.

As a whole, back acne poses a problem to the whole well-being of the individual affected. It influences him physically and mentally. However, having the basic knowledge about this condition is a step closer in achieving a flawless skin. Following the information mentioned above will be really helpful in eliminating back acne.