Back Pain Symptoms

You don’t have to live with Back Pain Symptoms because there are several treatment options for it.

Back Pain pictures

The lower back of the body is the most prone site of pain coming from the muscles, nerves, spine and other structures in that section. However, it can spread out to others parts like upper or mid back. It could also be due to a problem in the ovaries and testicles or to a herniated groin. The probability of having an injury to these parts will give you the Back Pain Symptoms.

It doesn’t really require only one single event to cause the back pain. The improper habit of doing numerous things for a long time will result to this disorder. Nevertheless, in one effortless movement, such as bending from the waist level and reaching for stuffs in the bathroom can also lead to back pain.

What are the Back Pain Symptoms?

Every disease has its own symptoms and injuries in the back also manifest on the same location or radiates to other parts of the body. The indications of back pain are inexorable aching or rigidity along the spine, including the neck base to the hips (See: Hip pain). In addition, the patient may experience a localized sharp pain in the upper back, lower back and neck that occurs after raising heavy stuffs or engaging in backbreaking activities such as baseball.

Chronic Back Pain that manifests in the lower or middle back can be a result of standing or sitting for a long period of time. Back Pain Symptoms can also radiate from the lower part of the back to the buttocks, down to the back of the thigh and unto the toes and calf. The person can exhibit the lack of ability to stand straight without experiencing stern muscle spasm in the lower back.

What are the Ways to Prevent Back Pain?

Back Pain can be prevented using many ways. It can be prevented by practicing lifting techniques, doing strengthening and stretching back exercises, improving your posture, finding the right mattress, maintaining an ideal body weight and wearing proper footwear.

Exercise can prevent back pain along with lifting objects properly using the right lifting techniques. Avoid carrying objects that are too heavy. Don’t bend or twist at the waist when carrying it and bend with your knees instead. You should not use your small muscles (triceps) and especially your back muscles when you are lifting weighty objects. It is advisable to use your lower extremities (thigh muscles) to support the weight of your body and the object that you’re carrying.

Stretching and Strengthening Back Exercises are basic procedures to help you avoid back pains. The muscles that sustain the back such as muscles of the abdomen, buttocks and back should all be strengthened with exercise. Flexible and strong muscles will help prevent back pain that are caused by bone disorders such as sciatica, osteoarthritis and herniated disc because the sturdy muscle absorbs the shock earlier than it reaches the joints. Muscle Stretching is essential since abridged muscles can cause misalignments of the spine or poor posture. This procedure loosens and lengthens the back muscles to decrease the pressure on the spinal discs.

Posture shares the same degree of importance to prevent back pain. Maintaining and learning a good posture will set the spine in its proper alignment so it can provide support to the head. Back pain occurs due to bad posture because the back muscles will have to exert harder to support the head which later on causes muscle strain. Mattresses are the things we use to have a good night sleep. It usually provides us comfort but it is necessary to choose a firm but not too firm matt ress that can maintain the proper alignment of the spine when we sleep.

Back pain occurs more frequently in overweight persons. Maintaining an ideal Body Weight through exercising regularly and eating healthy will not only give you a longer life, but a pain free back as well. The extra weight of the body will give the back added stress especially the lower part of the back. Footwear is one of the causes of back pain so wearing the right ones will also prevent it. It is imperative to use shoes that have proper support and cushioning.

What are the Treatments for Back Pain Symptoms?

The treatments of back pain are diverse and evolve through time. Many researches and procedures are executed to relieve its symptoms that can alter the life functions of people. Hot and cold therapy is a common home remedy to relive back pains. Cold applications can reduce the early inflammation of sudden back sprain or strain. Heat application can’t be applied to inflamed parts; however, it gives a soothing effect when applied on the back which increases the blood supply on the area as it dilate the blood vessels.

Pain Medications are often prescribed to control back pain such as Tylenol, Advil, and Aspirin (analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs). Codeine administrations are prescribed for severe cases of pain. However, this drug can cause tolerance and withdrawal when taken at a long term basis. Pain Medications are given along with muscle relaxants that can avert muscle spasm to protect the back form other injuries. An invasive treatment for back pain is the epidural steroid administrations that involve the spinal nerve root.

Managing Back Pain Symptoms additionally include complementary or alternative treatments. It comprise of acupuncture (insertion of very fine needles to precise points of the body), chiropractic treatment (manipulation of the hip and spine to restore the normal alignment of the spine), spinal tractions (constant pulling force elicited to gradually extend the spine), low-level laser therapy (applying a visible red light produced by a low-power laser), hydrotherapy, and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and Inferential Current Therapy which uses electric currents to interfere in the relay of pain signals.