Beware Of Bladder And Kidney Infection During Pregnancy

Beware Of Bladder And Kidney Infection During Pregnancy

Bladder infection during pregnancy?

If a pregnant woman develop cystitis or known as bladder infection during pregnancy, she will have to go through the normal procedure to cure it which is taking  antibiotics prescribed by doctor, but only in shorter period of time. It is important to finish the antibiotic course so that to ensure all the bacteria are destroyed.

She will need to be tested after completion of the antibiotic course to confirm the bacteria are not present anymore and that there’s no infection on the bladder. This is also to prevent any other serious infection which might occur.

Kidney infection during pregnancy?

If a pregnant woman develops kidney infection during her pregnancy, she will need to consult doctor as soon as possible and most probably be admitted into hospital. The new mom and the unborn child will be monitored carefully by the doctor and nurses. Some of the things which need to be monitor are body temperature, pulse, blood pressure, breathing, and baby’s heart beat, ability to pass urine and any signs or symptoms of premature labour.

The length the woman needs to be hospitalized for kidney infection depends on the individual’s situation. After a full day’s assessment and monitoring, the doctor should be able to determine the next course of action. If it’s a mild case, the pregnant woman should respond good to treatment and premature labour is not likely to happen. The doctor may then decide to discharge the pregnant woman from hospital with antibiotics.

If it’s a severe case, then the pregnant woman will need to remain in hospital and continued treatment and monitoring.  The pregnant woman will not be discharge until at least after a day or two after the  temperature subsides and she no longer have any kidney infection symptoms.  Once discharge, she will need to go through a course of low-dose antibiotics for the remaining of pregnancy period to help prevent another kidney infection.