Fetal Heart Rate

Fetal Heart Rate is an important indicator for the condition of the fetus inside the mother’s womb. Fetal Heart Rate monitoring helps the health care professional to observe the fetal heart beat inside the uterus of the mother and during labor. The course of action is done using a monitor on outer surface of the body or…Read More

Eye Stroke

Eye Stroke is an obstructive disease that can start from simple disruptions to loss of vision. An Eye Stroke, is an ischemia of the anterior optic neuropathy, it’s a detrimental state in which the blood supply either becomes reduced or blocked to the membranes of the front position of the optic nerve. If the occlusion occurs as the…Read More

Enlarged Heart

Enlarged Heart conditions or Cardiomyopathy may be asymptomatic needs no treatment; for some people, it can progress slowly. Enlarged heart conditions can be obtained or inherited. The development of these conditions is due to the occurrence of other conditions, diseases and factor. It is inherited base from the fact that it is imbedded in a person’s gene that can…Read More

Brain Stroke

Brain Stroke does not only involve the heart; it is also associated with the human brain. This condition is commonly called a cerebrovascular disorder. This term represents an umbrella effect to the abnormality of the normal functions of the central nervous system which can occur mainly because of the disruption of the blood supply from the pumping center…Read More

Symptoms of Heart Disease

Symptoms of Heart Disease are diverse in nature; their appearance depend on the area of the heart that is damaged. The Rheumatic Heart Disease or RHD in the past was one of the most severe types of heart ailment for children and adolescents. RHD includes the injury and malfunction of its membranes and the entire heart. The frequency…Read More

Rheumatic Heart Disease

If you want to prevent Rheumatic Heart Disease, don’t ignore Rheumatic Fever let it progresses into the deadly disease. Rheumatic Hear Disease is a complication of Rheumatic Fever. If rheumatic fever damages the valves of the heart, Rheumatic Heart Disease will occur. The permanent injury of the valves of the heart can lead to various complications and is potentially life-threatening….Read More

B12 Deficiency Symptoms

Prolonged incidence of B12 Deficiency Symptoms will give you a high chance of acquiring Pernicious Anemia. The etiology of having Pernicious Anemia is greatly related to the malabsorption of Vitamin B12 in the small intestine, which in result can be originated by a degree of factors. Significant contributory causes for the pernicious anemia are irregular bacterial flora development in the small intestine,…Read More