Symptoms of Allergies

Wheat allergy symptoms are can easily be avoided and even controlled of you know how. Wheat allergy symptoms manifest just like most symptoms of allergies. If you have allergies, or know someone who does, then you could definitely relate. However, there are some of us that are not too familiar with common symptoms of allergies. In this article, we…Read More

Teething Symptoms

Teething symptoms are not only bothersome for the baby, but for the caregivers as well. There comes a time in an infant’s life where he or she experiences great discomfort. Teething symptoms are dreaded by both the baby and the immediate caregivers. This could cause countless crying and sleepless nights. Some of these teething symptoms are misinterpreted as something serious…Read More

Stomach Pain

A stomach pain typically means a dull ache or cramps in the abdomen. This condition is usually short-termed and caused by a slight bug or upset. Serious stomach pain is greater cause for apprehension. If it begins unexpectedly and suddenly, it must be considered to necessitate an immediate medical attention, particularly if the pain is focused in a specific…Read More

Stomach Flu Symptoms

Stomach flu symptoms have to be something everybody dreads. Nobody would want to spend half of their day in the bathroom, sick with stomach flu. It is one of the most uncomfortable, not to mention embarrassing, conditions out there. What if you had to work that day? What if you have a very important meeting? What…Read More

Lower Abdominal Pain

Lower abdominal pain is usually associated with digestive tract problems; however, it may also be related to other conditions. The pain in the lower abdomen may also signify problems with the reproductive organs, urinary tract, blood vessels, skin, or body wall. The area may be rigid or tender to touch. Pain may also be mild or…Read More

Hemorrhoid Treatment

Early hemorrhoid treatment is important to prevent worsening of the condition or the occurrence of serious complications. Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoid are veins that have enlarged located in the anus or rectum, usually on the lower part. They may become swollen due to the increased in the pressure in the area. Pressure may be brought about by straining…Read More

Heartburn Symptoms

Heartburn symptoms usually involve a burning sensation behind the breastbone, in the chest. Heartburn is a common and uncomfortable feeling of warmth in the chest area. Although the pain felt is located in the chest, heartburn isn’t associated with any problems in the heart. Instead, it is associated with the contents of the stomach. However, continuous…Read More

GERD Symptoms

GERD symptoms are commonly due to reflux of stomach contents back into the mouth or throat. GERD otherwise known as gastroesophageal reflux disease is a digestive disorder that occurs because of stomach acids or, in some cases, bile refluxes or flows back into the esophagus or food pipe. This results to irritation of the esophageal lining and causes…Read More

Food Poisoning Symptoms

Food poisoning symptoms might appear mild and manageable but when persistent these might become fatal. Food is a basic need for every living organism to survive. However, in some instances food becomes the source of danger and threat to human life such as in the cases of food poisoning. Before going through food poisoning symptoms, let’s have…Read More

Diverticulitis Symptoms

The distinct diverticulitis symptoms are pain at the left lower quadrant of the abdomen, fever and leukocytosis. Before getting further with diverticulitis symptoms, significant terms need to be defined for better understanding of the nature of diverticulitis which includes the following: Diverticulitis is derived from two words: diverticulum and medical suffix -itis which means an inflammatio. This signifies that diverticulitis is…Read More