Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Knowing the different symptoms of fibromyalgia is important for better understanding of the disease and its ill effects. Fibromyalgia is a disease that affects the muscles and ligaments. This disorder causes chronic pain in the affected muscles and ligaments. This illness commonly affects women who are in their mid-30s to late-50s. In addition to pain and stiffness…Read More

Muscular Dystrophy Symptoms

Muscular dystrophy symptoms are genetic disorders often associated with scoliosis, heart problems, and obesity. Muscular dystrophy refers to a collection of genetic disorders that affects the muscles. It causes the muscles to become weak and loss some of its mass. Muscular dystrophy is associated with abnormal genes. The genes in this disorder have been missing or…Read More

Hamstring Injury

Hamstring injury otherwise known as pulled hamstring is caused by a tear of the muscles called hamstring. The tendons that used to attach the bone to the large muscles located at the back of the thigh are called hamstrings. The large muscles at the back of the thigh are called hamstring muscles. The hamstring muscles function…Read More

Connective Tissue Disease

Connective Tissue Disease is a term used to define a group of diseases that affects the connective tissues. Connective tissues are tissues that have a “connecting” function. They are made up of fibers that are used to form the body’s framework and support the different body tissues and organs. Other functions of connective tissues are for protection, cushioning, strengthening, and…Read More

Back Pain Symptoms

You don’t have to live with Back Pain Symptoms because there are several treatment options for it. The lower back of the body is the most prone site of pain coming from the muscles, nerves, spine and other structures in that section. However, it can spread out to others parts like upper or mid back. It could…Read More