Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcoholic liver disease has been claiming more and more lives as the years pass. Alcohol has been considered as one of the best and cheapest sedatives of our time. Therefore, it is no wonder that more and more people are suffering from alcohol related conditions, one of them being alcoholic liver disease. This is one of the…Read More

ADHD Symptoms

ADHD symptoms are not only manifested by children, but by adults as well. Having ADHD would never be easy for the person affected and the people around him. It has been a common misconception that only children get ADHD. It’s as if adults are immune to this type of disorder. That is wrong. Diagnosis of ADHD could be…Read More

Throat Cancer Symptoms

Throat cancer symptoms are very hard to spot and often lead to a faulty diagnosis. Cancer, as we all know, is defined as the unrestrained growth of a particular class of cells in certain body organs. These cells could often metastasize or spread to different other organs in the body. In this particular case, we will be exploring…Read More

Stomach Ulcer Symptoms

Stomach ulcer symptoms causes a lot of discomfort and knowing how to manage them properly is very important. Peptic ulcer disease is a very common condition suffered by more than 4 million people every year. It could occur in any section of the gastrointestinal tract. Peptic ulcer disease or PUD is defined as damage found in your…Read More

Stomach Cancer Symptoms

Stomach cancer symptoms are very deceiving and often very hard to spot. Since symptoms of stomach cancer involve the gastrointestinal system, most people would just brush it off as mild indigestion. Stomach cancer is a very common type of cancer that affects nearly a million people every year. The mortality and morbidity rate has been steadily increasing too….Read More

Colon Cancer Diagnosis

Colon Cancer Diagnosis comprises of a series of tests that will confirm the existence of cancer. Cancer of the rectum and colon for the most part is adenocarcinoma cells that arise from the epithelial coating of the intestine. It may commence as a benign polyp which may then become a malignant one that can invade and…Read More

Signs of Colon Cancer

Signs of Colon Cancer are become more and more common as people age. The incidence of Colorectal cancer increases as the population age but it is also moderately common with young adults. The earlier it is seen and diagnosed, the sooner the treatment can begin. Early treatment can save your life, so it important for you…Read More