Nutrient Deficiencies in HIV-Infected People

Nutrient Deficiencies in HIV-Infected People. Eating well can do a great deal to ensure that your food is both safe and nutrient rich. However, even the best diet is probably not sufficient to meet all your nutrient needs. There are man different causes for nutrient deficiencies in people living with HIV: the high demand for antioxidants, the…Read More

Nutrient Deficiencies and Their Symptoms in HIV

Nutrient that may help eliminate a particular symptom are listed after the symptoms, in parentheses: Fatigue: Vitamin B12, folic acid, essential fatty acids, vitamin E ascorbate, iron, magnesium, chromin. Coenzyme Q10. Skin problems: Zinc, essential fatty acids, vitamin A, beta-carotene, vitamin E, vitamin B6. Weight loss: biotin, multiple nutrients. Loss of sense of smell or…Read More

Meditation in HIV

Meditation Practice in HIV –  Alternative Option in HIV Rashes Treatment Meditation is the practice of focusing and quieting the mind, by remaining in a state of inner awareness. It is a crucial component of many Eastern spiritual paths. Some people living with HIV use mediation or other relaxation exercises as the beginning of their…Read More

HIV Vaccine

HIV Vaccine – Have We Owned It Yet? HIV Vaccine.The ideal HIV prevention beside lives a healthy lifestyle and has a monogamous relationship is through vaccine. Researches have been conducted trying to find this vaccine but somehow it still fail. Generally, there are 2 types of vaccine. First the live attenuated vaccine. This vaccine contains…Read More

HIV Transmission

HIV Transmission – What Are the Risk Factors? Estimated per-act risk for acquisition of HIV by exposure route (in order) : Blood transfusion Mother-to-child infection (without treatment) Mother-to-child infection (with optimal treatment) Needle-sharing injection drug use Percutaneous needle stick Receptive anal intercourse Insertive anal intercourse for uncircumcised men Insertive anal intercourse for circumcised men Receptive penile-vaginal…Read More

HIV Treatment

Antiretroviral Drugs Zidovudine is one of the current HIV treatment modalities, used for the management of HIV infection in adults. It is routinely prescribed for people infected with HIV showing clinical symptoms of the disease or having CD4 counts less than 200 cell/mm3.  It is sometimes given to people immediately after HIV exposure through needle stick or other hospital…Read More

HIV Symptoms in Men (Information)

HIV Symptoms in Men – Information You Need to Know HIV symptoms in men generally are the same with the symptoms in women. In the early stage of HIV, some symptoms that occur are low grade fever, headache, malaise, rashes or any flu like syndrome. We cannot differentiate these symptoms as they occur in other diseases too….Read More

HIV Risks

HIV Risks – Important To Learn! There are many myths in how can an HIV can contract people. They say HIV can contract by kissing, hugging, sharing foods, or even starring. They are wrong and when you read this article, you should know what kind of contact could contract HIV. Not all sexual contact can…Read More

HIV Rashes on Face

Everyone must be worried when told that they could’ve get contract by HIV infection because of the rashes he had on his face. HIV rash is one of the early HIV symptoms, but it can also be found in the late stage of the disease. HIV infection might cause rashes as one of the skin…Read More

HIV Rash

HIV infected patients usually develop skin rash that can be caused by viral, bacterial, fungal, neoplastic, drugs side effects, or nonspecific dermatitis. Herpes simplex infection is the most common skin manifestation, tend to be more severe, and are more likely to disseminate in AIDS patients than in immunocompetent hosts. Herpes zoster is other common manifestation of…Read More