HIV Prevention

What Should We Do in order to Prevent HIV Transmission? HIV is an emerging disease. HIV/AIDS statistic showed us well. To know how to prevent HIV transmission is very important. Why? Because for now there is no cure for this disease. A knowledge how to prevent HIV transmission is very important especially for those already living with HIV patient. First of…Read More

HIV Negative

HIV is a spreading infectious disease across the entire world. It has became an epidemic. One should check his/her HIV status immediately if had a possible risk factor of contracting the virus previously. The infection can be spread through an infected bodily fluid including blood, sperm, saliva, etc. The most important thing in halting the…Read More

HIV Disability Discrimination

Should We Discriminate an HIV Positive Person? An HIV positive status is a disaster for some people. It obviously destroys one’s plans in his life. The condition itself has a major effect on his life Should we or should we not discriminate him? President Obama has charged all federal agencies to do the National HIV/AIDS Strategy. This…Read More

Exercise, Relaxation, and Substance-Abuse Treatment in HIV Positive

Exercise in HIV Positive Physical exercise has a demonstrated value for improving health and as a supportive HIV treatment. For people living with HIV who are symptom free, vigorous regular aerobic exercise, lasting thirty to forty-five minutes, three to four times per week, provides a solid cardiovascular workout. Examples of this aerobic exercise include running, biking,…Read More

Effects of HIV in Pregnancy – Overview

No one can tell you not to have babies if you are an HIV infected person. The HIV infection doesn’t make you infertile. You can still get pregnant and deliver him safely. But it is also true that you can transmit this virus to your baby. So the best way is to know how can…Read More

Early HIV Rash – A Sign of HIV in the early stage

Early HIV rash is one of the sign of HIV in an early stage. HIV is one of the major problem in health as well as in economics. The incidence is rapidly increase nowadays. HIV can develop into AIDS, which is a late stage of HIV infection. We need to increase awareness about HIV and understand…Read More

Types of Antiretroviral Drugs for HIV

Potent combination antiretroviral therapy has dramatically changed the prognosis for patients with HIV infection, allowing the infection to be effectively managed with medication. The 6 type of antiretroviral drugs are : Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NRTIs) The reverse transcriptase enzyme wa an attractive initial therapeutic target after the discovery of AIDS was a retrovirus. There…Read More

Causes of HIV Rashes (Drug Rashes)

Rashes symptom in HIV people do not always caused by infection. Antiretroviral drugs (ARV) can cause skin manifestation, such as HIV rashes in HIV infected people. are skin abnormalities as the body react to certain medication. The type of rash that occurs depends on the type of drug that is causing it and how’s the body…Read More

Anti-HIV Drug: Zidovudine (AZT)

Brand name: Retrovir Other names: Zidovudine, ZDV; azido-deocythymidine Type of drug: Antiretroviral, Anti HIV Used for. AZT is used for the management of HIV infection in adults with CD4+ counts less than 500. It is routinely prescribed for people infected with HIV showing clinical symptoms of the disease or having CD4+ counts less than 200….Read More

What You Need To Know About AIDS Rashes And Why?

AIDS stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. It is a group of sign and symptoms that arise because of the destruction of the host’s immune system. Virus called Human Immunodeficiency Virus () cause this condition. In this late stage of HIV infection (AIDS), opportunistic infections appear. AIDS people don’t have enough ammunition to repel infection. Any infection can…Read More