Different Types of Kidney Infection

Different Types of Kidney Infection

There are 2 kinds of kidney infections, and are listed below:

  • Uncomplicated kidney infections. When a person with healthy urinary tract and immune system are infected with common bacteria, and normally women around the age of 18 – 40 is at risk.
  • Complicated kidney infections. This is a much more serious event in where the bacteria are not prone to normal antibiotics and not easy to get rid of. This condition might also include other kidney disease which might worsen the infection.

A person is more likely to be at risk of complicated kidney infection if:

  • The person are over 60s
  • Suffer from urinary tract blockage
  • Other disease which affect the functionality of kidney
  • kidney stone
  • require catheter to drain bladder from urine
  • Have a weak immune system
  • Had cystoscope been inserted recently to check urethra and bladder
  • currently pregnant
  • Infected by other rare bacteria which is difficult to treat using antibiotics.

Male are more prone to complicated kidney infections mainly because male has prostate gland which could swell up and restrict the urine flow.

The person suffer from complicated kidney infection will be more ill then those who suffer from uncomplicated kidney infection, and most likely they will require hospital treatment immediately. The most common bacteria which could cause complicated kidney infection are E.coli and they are not easily treated with antibiotics.