Early HIV Rash – A Sign of HIV in the early stage

Early HIV rash is one of the sign of HIV in an early stage. HIV is one of the major problem in health as well as in economics. The incidence is rapidly increase nowadays. HIV can develop into AIDS, which is a late stage of HIV infection. We need to increase awareness about HIV and understand the early sign of HIV infection such as an early HIV rash.

HIV is  a contagious disease, but not like influenza, it is not a highly contagious one.  In the  initial stage, HIV does not develop specific signs or symptoms. Many HIV person did not know their HIV status for years. It is an important to detect the infection in its initial stage due to its better chances of therapy.

In the early HIV stage, the early manifestation that usually occur is headache, malaise, low appetite, swollen glands, and rashes. This early HIV rash is one of the important sign of early HIV infection, looks like a small reddish bump in the skin. It has no itchy feeling, expect there is other complication due to the decrease of immune system. There are no specific treatment for , it can healed by itself in 2 to 3 weeks without therapy.

The most important thing when you develop early HIV rash is to have a HIV test. There are many type of HIV test, such as that you can perform for yourself. Talk to your doctor in interpreting the result of your test.