Effects of HIV in Pregnancy – Overview

No one can tell you not to have babies if you are an HIV infected person. The HIV infection doesn’t make you infertile. You can still get pregnant and deliver him safely. But it is also true that you can transmit this virus to your baby. So the best way is to know how can you do to minimize this mother to child transmission and have a healthy HIV negative baby.

The risk of related to your viral load status. If you have a high viral load, the more risk you bring to your baby to get the infection. So the first thing you must do if you plan to have baby is to control your viral load status.
Mother to child HIV infection can transmit via placental, on delivery, or while breastfeeding your baby.

There is not much to do to avoid HIV transmission via placental. On natural delivery, there will be a lot of blood exchange between you and your baby, so it is preferred you’d have a section cesarean operation while delivering your baby to minimize blood contact. The breast milk contain HIV virus, and it can transmit to your baby while breastfeeding. So it would be wise not to breastfeed your baby and give him supplement food instead.

The most important thing is to plan your pregnancy. You don’t want an unplanned pregnancy. It concerns not only you and your partner but also risking your future child to get the infection.