Food for Kidney

To regulate proper kidney functioning doctors recommend a diet that includes foods that limit the kidney inflammation. Also taking foods that reduce the oxidation of fats and cholesterol in the kidneys are advised as this process creates free radicals in form of molecules which harm our kidneys.

Food for Kidney

Foods rich in antioxidants work in reducing these radicals along with reducing the risk of heart diseases as well. Antioxidants are known to deactivate free radicals and aid the proper functioning of the kidneys. Sodium, Phosphorous and Protein rich diets are responsible for healthy functioning kidneys. A healthy renal diet should consist of


In addition to antioxidants cauliflower is also rich in fiber and folate. Also the potassium present in cauliflowers in minute amounts are known to be beneficial in preventing formation of kidney stones which can lead to infections which can further on worsen and result in chronic kidney problems or diseases.

Taking raw cauliflower is the best option to derive the most benefit out of it. Consuming it raw with a dip of hummus or having it steamed with fresh lemon juice squeezed on top are both tasty and beneficial ways of consuming a cauliflower. You can also have it smashed with fresh parsley and sour cream (low fat).


Red peppers are another source of folic acids and fiber and the reduced amount of potassium makes it an ideal ingredient in a healthy renal diet. Red peppers are eaten raw in salads and are also roasted either to wrap a sandwich or diced and used in omelet.


Apples are also a very good source of anti inflammatory compounds and are a rich addition to a proper kidney diet. The skin of the apple is full of soluble fiber so make sure you eat it too. Apples can be cubed and eaten with your salads or slice them and try with a touch of peanut butter or simply enjoy apples as a fresh, juicy fruit and eat it up whole.


Cranberries are known to acquire compounds that stop bacteria from sticking to the walls of the bladder. If your bladder gets exposed to bacteria, they will travel through to the kidneys and can result in infections. Drinking unsweetened cranberry juice daily, preferably in the morning reduces infection risk to zero; you can also add cranberry juice to your favorite fresh fruit drink or add to a smoothie along with fruits that acquire same kidney friendly qualities.

  • FISH

Fishes contain OMEGA-3 fatty acids and consuming fish that contains this compound in large quantities is very beneficial to kidney health. OMEGA-3 is proven to decrease inflammation and Salmon and Herring are known to contain it in large amounts. You can always bake a salmon and squeeze half a lemon on top or simply flake it on top of your spinach salad.

The food listed above will help aid a healthy kidney function and helps to prevent and .