HIV Disability Discrimination

Should We Discriminate an HIV Positive Person?

An HIV positive status is a disaster for some people. It obviously destroys one’s plans in his life. The condition itself has a major effect on his life Should we or should we not discriminate him?

President Obama has charged all federal agencies to do the National HIV/AIDS Strategy. This strategy includes addressing as well as preventing an employment-related discrimination for all employees with HIV positive status.

I have story about discrimination in HIV positive people: Capital Healthcare Solutions has withdrawn a job offer and refused an HIV positive person to hire him as a nurse due to its status.  Doctors said that the man has certified nursing assistant, and he is not restricted for doing his job, as long as he conducted the “universal precautions”.

This has become polemic these days. We cannot discriminate an HIV status person because of his status. It is not fair for him as long the board has a strong opinion on this one.  If the man has violated the board by not doing the “universal precautions”, than the board has every right to tell him that he is endanger for community.

A knowledge about how is HIV transmit is very important for us. The infection cannot transmit through a simple shake hand nor while we speak. In other words: Let us stop discriminate HIV Positive person without any strong reasons.