HIV Negative

HIV is a spreading infectious disease across the entire world. It has became an epidemic. One should check his/her HIV status immediately if had a possible risk factor of contracting the virus previously.

The infection can be spread through an infected bodily fluid including blood, sperm, saliva, etc. The most important thing in halting the disease to spread is by proper educational program.

People must learn what is the most common way of contracting the virus. In Asia, IDU (injected drug users) is a major risk factors of contracting the virus, but in Africa sexual transmission is the most common risk factors found.

If you have that risk factors, then you should have yourself tested. This is the best method of knowing your HIV status. Waiting for the symptoms to occur is not an option. We must identify the problem fast.

If the test result is HIV negative, you should undergo another test in 6 months later. I can explain this. In the natural history of HIV, there are a period of time called window period. In this period, we cannot identify the HIV antibody because it hasn’t been developed yet. It takes 6 months before we can identify the reactions. We can be sure whether he/she has a HIV positive status or HIV negative status in 99% cases in 6 months.

There are no causative treatment for HIV infections. Drugs that is used for treating the HIV people called antiretroviral. It can halt the HIV progression but cannot completely eliminate the virus. One should have a best compliance in taking the drugs in order to keep the replication of the viral in a lowest level. He/she should take this medicine it their entire life, or at least need a good monitoring program.

What about the HIV prevention? Right now we don’t have any vaccine that can repel the virus. Studies has been conducted to find the vaccine but still there haven’t been any good result yet.

The best way to prevent the infections is by having a healthy lifestyle. Don’t use drugs, have only one partner!