HIV Prevention

What Should We Do in order to Prevent HIV Transmission?

HIV is an emerging disease. HIV/AIDS statistic showed us well. To know how to prevent HIV transmission is very important. Why? Because for now there is no cure for this disease.

A knowledge how to prevent HIV transmission is very important especially for those already living with HIV patient. First of all, if you have a history of unprotected sex, inject drugs abuse, you should get yourself tested at least once annually, especially if you have early HIV symptoms, such as rashes.

Sharing needles to inject drugs puts you at a high risk of HIV infection because your partner`s blood will be injected into your body along with the drug. Use protection such as latex condom every time you have sex. Play safe or have only one partner ! Don`t forget that oil-based lubricants can break down the latex and break the condom. Use only water-base lubricant.

It is a great risk to get infection if you have more than one sexual partner. If abstinence is not for you, limit your sexual partner, engage in sexual activity within long-term. Monogamous relationship in which both partners have a negative result from HIV test is the best practice if you want to prevent HIV infection. Anyway HIV infection travels only through body fluids like blood, semen, breast, etc but a kiss or a massage can`t lead to HIV transmission.

Antiretroviral drugs (ARV) are sometimes given to people immediately after HIV exposure through needle stick or other hospital exposure, although it isn`t known whether the drug is effective in preventing the virus, once it is inside their bodies, from infecting these people.

Consult your doctor if you have those risk of HIV infection to have an HIV test !