HIV Risks

HIV Risks – Important To Learn!

There are many myths in how can an HIV can contract people. They say HIV can contract by kissing, hugging, sharing foods, or even starring. They are wrong and when you read this article, you should know what kind of contact could contract HIV.

Not all sexual contact can contract HIV. Only having sexual intercourse with an infected person can. The virus is transmitted through infected body’s fluid such as blood, semen, vaginal fluid, saliva, or breast milk. But the most important thing, there must be tissue contact of the infected body’s fluid to the recipient.

Mucosal tissues include the moist part of the nostril, mouth, eyes, genitals, and rectum. If there were no contact to the mucosal tissue or enter the blood stream of the infected body’s fluid, it is unlikely to have the HIV infection.

Condoms can prevent the mucosal contact while having sex. If monogamous relationship isn’t your lifestyle, than having a protected sex to prevent HIV infection is a wise way.

So skin contact doesn’t contract HIV infection, nor does starring. If you have history of possible contact, you should have yourself an HIV test. A home HIV test would be enough, but it is recommended that you should discuss the matter with your doctor before having the HIV test.