HIV Symptoms in Men (Information)

HIV Symptoms in Men – Information You Need to Know

HIV symptoms in men generally are the same with the symptoms in women. In the early stage of HIV, some symptoms that occur are low grade fever, headache, malaise, rashes or any flu like syndrome. We cannot differentiate these symptoms as they occur in other diseases too. Most men get HIV infection through his lifestyle, including injecting drug user or have relationship with other guy. There are many diseases that able to transmit through this kind of lifestyle. Because of these risk factors that men usually have, many of them develop other sexual transmitted diseases such as syphilis, hepatitis B, or hepatitis C.  That is the reason why most men have more profound symptoms than women, because they usually carry other diseases.

The first thing to do in treating an HIV person is to address the benefit of having a good adherence of taking his pills. Studies show that with a good adherence, there will be a higher percentage of having a good response in treatment. Most men have a lower level in adherence compare to women. And this is the other reason why men usually have more severe symptoms of HIV. The drugs cannot eliminate the virus completely; it can only halt the progression of the disease. As men start to miss his pills, the disease will show its symptoms. A good adherence is mandatory in having a successful treatment response.

The best way to stop the spread of HIV is to prevent it with having a healty lifestyle and a safe sex. Condoms can prevent the transmission of the infection and circumcision can also reduce the risk of getting HIV infection in men.