HIV Vaccine

HIV Vaccine – Have We Owned It Yet?

HIV Vaccine.The ideal HIV prevention beside lives a healthy lifestyle and has a monogamous relationship is through vaccine. Researches have been conducted trying to find this vaccine but somehow it still fail.

Generally, there are 2 types of vaccine. First the live attenuated vaccine. This vaccine contains live virus injected to the host. The host then will develop antibodies against this infection. The second one is to give passive immunization. The host will be given antibodies through the injection.

The ideal HIV vaccine should prevent the virus from destroying host’s immune system. If this HIV vaccine exists, we can control the spreading of HIV infection throughout the world. But the bad news is it still need more time to develop this type of vaccine.

HIV virus is an RNA virus. The virus tends to change its structure. The mutation of the virus makes it difficult for researcher to find the ideal HIV vaccine. We cannot hope that the vaccine will be found in recent time. It needs a long process.

The best thing we can do to prevent HIV from spreading is to live a healthy lifestyle, practice safe sex, and has a monogamous relationship. Yes, the virus can also transmit by blood transfusion. But this is beyond our capability to prevent the infection, and I’m sure that the health services has tried all they can to make sure that the blood product is free from this virus.