Home HIV Test

Home HIV Test is a procedure in order to evaluate your HIV status. Home HIV test is a simple tool using your blood sample and have it tested with a tool. This home HIV test is approved by FDA and it can be performed by each individuals. This is a screening procedure that need to be done. If you have a positive result from this home HIV test, you should visit your doctor and have a second and third test using a more specific diagnostic tools to verify the previous result.

Home HIV Test  is a simple tool. It includes a safety blood lancet used to draw your blood sample. You need to prick your finger to have blood sample, then put it in a shipping pouch, mail it to the specific address (it is already self-addressed). These tools is included in the package and you don’t need to worry about spending extra money.

Fast result with Home HIV Test

In the next morning, the result will we posted to your address and you can get your HIV status. This kind of technique is approved by FDA and you don’t need to be worry about the insensitive result. Do this  home HIV test procedure regularly if you are in a high risk condition of contracting the disease. Do the protection procedure available and get your self checked by home HIV Test regularly.