How to prevent Kidney Infection

Keeping your kidney healthy is always the best step to take to stop kidney infection. But there is also multiple methods in which a person could prevent the bacteria from infecting your kidney. Below method will assist a person to achieve that goal.

How to prevent Kidney Infection pictures

Drink Water

Drink plenty of fluids as fluids will be transformed into urine and will help flush out the bacteria from your urinary tract and also from your bladder. Drinking cranberry juice will boost up your immune system and help to prevent Urinary tract infection (UTI). But it is advisable not to consume cranberry juice if you’re taking any medicine which prevents blood clotting.

Treat constipation Quickly

Constipation should be treated as quickly as possible as it poses a possible treat for urinary tract infection/bladder infection which then would lead the bacterial infection on your kidneys as well. The person who suffers from constipation should consume fruits which are high in fiber and consume plenty of fluids.

If after 14 days the person still suffers from constipation, he or she should consult a doctor as soon as possible and advice if they experience any kidney infection symptoms. Children who suffer from constipation after 7 days should consult their doctor quickly.

Other helpful advice

Other suggestion to prevent bacterial infection:

  • Release yourself if you feel to urinate and do not hold it for a long time
  • Practice good hygiene by wiping from front to back after bowel movement
  • Keep your private part clean, especially after sexual intercourse.
  • Try to flush your bladder after sexual intercourse to flush your bladder
  • consult your doctor if any of kidney infection symptoms present.