Kidney Infection and Back Pain

Kidney Infection and Back Pain

Q: How do we know the differences between pain caused by back muscle strain or a kidney infection?

A: Pain that caused by kidney infection will normally located near where the kidney is, which is on the both sides of your spine and at the back where your kidney is just above your hips. Also pain related to kidney often felt tender around the area. Direct injury on the kidneys area might cause direct injury to the kidneys itself.

It is sometimes hard to tell as because pain from kidney infection normally will comes from the kidneys itself and often mistaken for back pain. Kidney pain also may be tricky as the pain radiates to other parts of your body. Pain from kidney infection will disappear as soon as kidney infection is heal, or if the kidney stone has been removed. However, trauma to the kidney area injuries will not disappear that fast.

Pain in the kidney area caused by back injury can have the feeling as kidney infection. Injured back will not get worsen if you push gently on the back area directly on the kidney area. Normally there will be signs which will clearly distinguish the differences between kidney infection and a back trauma pain. as an example will include pain when urinating, feeling of chills and fever, sometimes blood can be seen within the urine through naked eye or through laboratory urine analysis. However, acute onset of the back pain could be due to injuries especially if the patient has hurt themselves doing activities.

Normally doctors who has patients coming in with back pain and has suffered from kidney infections before, will be tested for kidney problem as the patient’s history has shown that they might be prone to kidney infection.