Kidney Infection in Children

A child that suffers from kidney infection is a kind of urinary tract infection or better known as UTI. Urinary tract infection (UTI) normally happens in urethra or possibly bladder and the bacteria has travels upward into kidneys. Children normally have difficulty explaining the cause of pains and discomfort due to the kidney infection.

Kidney Infection in Children

Young children and infants that suffer from kidney infection will show the symptoms of kidney infection such as irritability, loose bowel movements, loss of appetite and frequently bed wetting or enuresis.

Symptoms of Kidney Infection in Children

The kidney infection symptoms in children will develop in a short time span and also can come on as suddenly. The symptoms of kidney infection sometimes are mistaken for general sickness by the parents and ignore the symptoms of kidney infection such as irritability and distress. The following below are some of the kidney infection symptoms that can be shown by the child.

  • Pain on the lower side at the back when urinating. It could be either side or both.
  • Feverish and might rise over 100 degree if not treated
  • Diarrhea/loose bowel
  • Abdomen cramps and pain
  • Constant vomiting and shivering.
  • Loss appetite to eat and feeling nausea
  • Fits/Convulsions
  • Urinating frequency increased which could lead to bed wetting

Kidney infection could develop in children no matter what age they are and is more common to girls rather than boys. It should be treated especially during early stages to prevent severe complications such as septicemia which is blood poisoning and also abscesses in kidney. Prevention is always the best cure and it is urge that children should drink plenty of water and body hygiene should be check at all time to prevent kidney infection.