Know Your Stuff: Kidney Infection – Pyelonephritis (PI-low-nef-RI-tis)

Know Your Stuff Kidney Infection – Pyelonephritis (PI-low-nef-RI-tis) pictures

How Kidney Infection Started

Kidney will become infected by bacterial when a bacterium has found a way leading to the kidney and begin to make itself home and multiply. Pyelonephritis (PI-low-nef-RI-tis) is another term used medically by doctor for kidney infection and that tubules and nephrons found on kidney has been infected. Anyone displaying such kidney infection symptoms will need to consult with their GP instantly as if kidney infection is not treated in timely manner will lead to kidney failure or blood poisoning, and eventually death.

Possible Causes of kidney infections?

It is likely for a person who suffers from bladder infection such as cystitis to develop kidney infection as the bacteria could have travel up from bladder to kidney.

Another culprit would be kidney stones. Blockage on the ureter can cause kidney infection too, and the bacteria normally travel to kidney via bloodstream.

Other circumstances can also put that person in risk of kidney infection such as a person who suffered from cancer and diabetic, or including pregnancy. Abnormal urinary tract functions will cause weakness on the organ itself and inability to fight any bacteria which has the potential to cause kidney infection.

Foley catheters or tubes which is inserted into the bladder through the urethra to drain urine from bladder could also lead to kidney infection if were left in place for extended time.

Women could also risk kidney infection from sexual intercourse if bacteria found a way into urinary tract, but this is rare occasions.

Remember, may be different from one person to the other.