Meditation in HIV

Meditation Practice in HIV –  Alternative Option in HIV Rashes Treatment

Meditation is the practice of focusing and quieting the mind, by remaining in a state of inner awareness. It is a crucial component of many Eastern spiritual paths. Some people living with HIV use mediation or other relaxation exercises as the beginning of their work with imagery and healing visualizations. Creating inner pictures that are focus on healing, such as imagining stronger and more numerous CD4 cells, or HIV rashes disappearing, may be a way the mind can assist the body in healing.

Work with people with cancer has suggested such imagery has definite value. Work with people with cancer has learned to imagine that their tumors are shrinking, or that their cancer cells are being eaten up Pac-Man style by their immune cells. They visualize their bodies growing stronger, and their immune systems winning out over the disease.

At a minimum these positive images help create a more positive attitude. Researches in psychoneuroimmunology are currently trying to confirm a physiological benefit from visualization.