Migraine Treatment

Migraine treatment is always a priority when it comes to battling the pain of monster headaches.

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There are many different kinds of migraine treatment available to people suffering from this condition. These methods cover pharmaceutical treatments, relaxation therapies, traditional and even alternative medicine. Before experimenting with the various approaches mentioned here though, I highly advise that you first consult with a licensed medical practitioner. Not everyone takes too well with some of the therapies mentioned here. To be on the safe side, go see a doctor.

Pharmacological Migraine Treatment

People usually look into migraine medications to stop their migraines from getting worse. This is actually the preferred migraine treatment for most migraine sufferers. There are generally two classes of migraine medications: abortive and preventive. Now, just to make it clear, when I say abortive, these are certain types of medicines that stop the headache once it has started, thus aborting the pain. Preventive migraine medications are those used in a regular basis and can be considered as maintenance medication.

Migraine medications falling under the abortive category would be your acetaminophens and your NSAIDS, or your non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. There are two types of NSAIDS: aspirinand non-aspirin. Their difference between them is that non-aspirin type of medication does not have an effect on the coagulation.

Migraine medications falling under the preventive category would be your antihypertensives, sedatives and relaxants, antihistamines, antidepressants, MAO inhibitors, and antiseizure medications. These are medications that people take on a regular basis, with a regulated dose and under strict supervision of their doctors. The kind of medications above cannot be usually bought over the counter. They require a valid doctor’s prescription because most of them are highly regulated drugs, like your sedatives, antidepressants and your antiseizure medication.

Though migraine medications seem to be the most popular option, there are also other alternative methods that some people use to treat their migraines. They will be discussed in the following paragraphs.


For some people, pharmacological migraine treatment methods are not enough, and so, they look into one of the most popular traditional Chinese treatment of acupuncture. It is a method that involves the insertion of fine needles in certain pressure points of your body to relieve pain. Records state that this method has been practiced since 200 BCE. There have been clinical trials that showed results where the patients came out feeling relatively better, but there have been no explanation as to how it really works. Also, there have been studies that showed that acupuncture has lesser adverse effects as compared to pharmacologic therapy. However, further research is still ongoing regarding this treatment.


This is also another very popular treatment method. Biofeedback encompasses a lot of relaxation activities which involves meditation, breathing exercises and other sensor modalities. It makes the patient more aware of his physical functions and enables him to control various aspects of his body like heart rate and temperature.

Good Old Cold Compress

During the time where you are waiting for your medicine to take effect, placing a cold compress on your head may provide a modicum of comfort. Since migraines are caused by the inflammation of certain blood vessel in your brain, the coldness of the compress that you place on your head may, to some extent, help it vasoconstrict. Also, a cold cloth on your head is very relaxing.

Chiropractic Treatments

For some people, going to their chiropractor helps relives their migraines and helps them relax as well. This is another very popular method for migraine treatment for this involves spinal adjustments and massages. Not only are you getting pain relief, you get an overall body massage as well. There have been clinical trials which showed that there has been a significant decrease in the frequency of migraines of the participants.

Magnet Therapy

There has been a time that magnet therapy boomed in the alternative medicine industry, and there are some people which are still using it as a form of migraine treatment. Most medical practitioners have stated that magnets do not really have an effect on the body, thus considering the effectiveness of magnet therapy as placebo. However, there are also alternative medicine doctors that can give just explanation for the effectiveness of magnets.

Apple Cider Vinegar

We cannot deny that some home remedies do really work even though they do not have scientific back-up. Take apple cider vinegar as an example. There are a number of people that swear behind apple cider vinegar as migraine treatment. What they usually do is they mix two tablespoonfuls of apple cider vinegar and a bit of honey in a glass of water, and they drink it at least twice a day. People who are allergic to honey should really be careful though.

There are still a lot of other migraine treatment methods out there for people to explore. They just have to make sure that they check with their doctor before trying anything, just to be on the safe side.