Patients Should Ask Doctors

What Should You Ask to Your Doctors Tips

If you are an HIV positive person or having any other disease,  these below questions are the basic information you should ask to doctors. It is a very important to ask these question in order to have the full benefit from your current medications.

  1. What does this medication treat? Is it a prophylaxis (preventive for opportunistic infection or other symptom such as HIV rashes) or HIV treatment? Why am I taking it?
  2. What should I begin taking this medication?
  3. How often? (What time of day) Over what period of time? (days, weeks, months, forever)
  4. How do I take it? (orally on empty/full stomach, injection, suppository)
  5. What should I expect from it?
  6. What side effects should I be aware of? (common,less common, rare)
  7. What reactions are important enough to call you (the doctor) about?
  8. Will this medication interfere with other medications or therapies I’m using?
  9. What monitoring -blood test, lab work,etc.- will be necessary with it and how frequently?
  10. What should I do if I forget to take it -double up?skip it?
  11. Is there a generic brand? By what other names is it known? Is it okay to substitute one of these?

Ask your doctors nicely, and I am sure they would answer your question clearly.. :)