Perinatal Antiretroviral Treatment Guidelines-Updated

An updated recommendations for the use of antiretroviral drugs in pregnant HIV-1 infected women has been released. There are no difference in basic principles, but in these new guidelines there are some point we should be aware of regarding the recent result from antiretroviral therapy clinical trials.

There is also an updated information about the dosing of antiretroviral for HIV-exposed neonate and new guidelines on infant prophylaxis whose mothers have not received antepartum ARVs. You can read the difference in this new guidelines in AIDS INFO.

Mother to child transmission is a big problem. The impact of the HIV infection in a newborn baby is huge and should be taken care of seriously by every department and government. If we can stop the spreading of HIV infection by preventing the mother to child HIV transmission, we can halt the inflating incidence of HIV infection world wide. Result from recent study shows us that there is a way in preventing the mother to child HIV transmission, but this is not an easy job. We should holding hands and work our best to make this happen. There are limitations in preventing the spreading of HIV infection but if the government has a strong will to overcome this problem, anything could happen.