Rash Treatment

Rashes are common skin manifestation. It is caused by an allergic reaction, skin infection, irritation, or symptoms of other diseases such as syphilis, typhoid fever, HIV infection, and so on.

If you have rashes on your body’s part, you might want to remember things you ate, body’s product such as cosmetics or soap you have changed before you had symptoms. If it caused by allergic reaction, you should avoid ingredients or body’s product that precipitate rashes. This is the first thing and the most important thing you can do.

Doctors usually solve this kind of problem by prescribing steroid or antihistamines.

Infection can cause rashes. Rashes can develop as an early symptom of HIV infection. At the first two weeks of possible transmission, rashes manifest on our skin, usually on the back of your body. Syphilis also can cause rashes as one the skin manifestation beside chancre. Constitutional symptoms as fever, nausea, vomits, and other manifestation will occur besides rashes in these diseases.

The treatment of these rashes is according to the cause of infection. A holistic approach should be performed.

Rashes usually caused by allergic reaction. These allergic rashes are mostly mild and don’t need any specific treatment. But I recommend that you contact your doctor as other diseases can cause rashes too.