So What Causes Kidney Infection?

So What Causes Kidney Infection

Kidney infection could be caused by a variety of factors. We will explore the causes of kidney infection below and also the risk associated with it.

  • Weak immune system – patients who has a weakened immune system is at risk as because fungal infection which is infecting their skins could eventually get into their bloodstream. These bacteria from the skin infections will attack the kidney and causes infection.
  • Urethra – pathogen such as bacteria can get in to urethra and multiply inside the bladder. This will cause infection and could spread to kidney.
  • Toilet Hygiene – when wiping the anus after toilet with toilet paper, it may be in contact with the person’s genitals. This will pose a risk for an infection which could work its way toward the kidney. Some bacteria such as E. coli could also enter through the anus area and causes kidney infection.
  • Female physiology – women has a shorter urethra which causes a high risk in bladder infection compare to men. Infections on the bladder could travel up to the kidney which then causes kidney infection.
  • Urinary catheter – is a tube which is used to drain urine from a person’s bladder via insertion through urethra. This poses a risk of contracting bacteria which causes urinary tract infection and kidney infection.
  • Kidney stones – kidney stones are caused by buildup of dissolve minerals on the kidney, and person suffering from kidney stones are prone to kidney infection.
  • Enlarged prostate – it has been known that men with enlarges prostate will have a greater risk of contracting kidney infections.
  • Sexual Intercourse – sexual intercourse could irritate the urethra in women and will have a greater risk of bacteria moving into urinary tract, which will then eventually reach the kidney.

It is wise to know about the variety of factors which could causes kidney infection, and learn of the so it could be control and cure in the early stage.