Stomach Pain

A stomach pain typically means a dull ache or cramps in the abdomen.

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This condition is usually short-termed and caused by a slight bug or upset. Serious stomach pain is greater cause for apprehension. If it begins unexpectedly and suddenly, it must be considered to necessitate an immediate medical attention, particularly if the pain is focused in a specific region. Stomach pain can frequently originate from bloating and trapped wind inside the stomach. This condition is regarded as a tremendously usual problem, which can be very awkward but is easily managed with by treatments prescribed by your respective chemists, such as tablets made from charcoal. This product may be bought over the counters of various pharmacies to relieve the bloating symptom.

If the stomach is suffering from cramps, it commences suddenly and you as well have loose bowel movements or diarrhea. The origin is possibly a gastroenteritis or tummy bug. This may indicate that you have a bacterial or viral infection of the bowel and stomach, which the immune system typically struggle subsequent to several days. A usual origin of gastroenteritis is norovirus. Serious stomach pain and diarrhea, which makes the patient experience fever and chills, could be because of more severe infection like food poisoning. The condition can as well get better on its own with no treatments needed. If the diarrhea and stomach pain persists, you can have a long-standing disease like irritable bowel syndrome.

What is Stomach Pain?

Frequently, discomfort or pain anywhere in the abdominal area is indicated as a stomach pain. Even though the stomach cannot in fact be the origin of the pain. Stomach pain is frequently caused by diseases of the digestive system, but ca as well originates from other conditions of the urinary tract, chest organs, blood vessels, body walls, and reproductive organs. Localized discomfort can originate from diseases of organs adjacent to the site, such as appendicitis and gallbladder disease. Widespread stomach pain can be related to inflammation, infection, or diet.

Pain coming from the stomach may be due to GERD or gastroesophageal reflux, heartburn, gastristis or stomach lining inflammation, and hiatal hernias (deteriorating capacity of the diaphragm which permits the stomach to obtrude into the chest), and peptic ulcers. Manifestations can be conveyed by particular foods and may get worse when lying flat on bed. Pain originated from abdominal cramps, gas, and bloating can arise from the small and large intestines, and can as well be associated to food consumption or may be associated to intestinal inflammation or infection.

Stomach pain linked with the occurrence of shingles, a re-infection of the herpes zoster virus, can be ascribed to stomach discomforts until the feature blistering rash becomes evident. Poisoning, abdominal trauma, lung problems, reproductive organs diseases, heart attack, infections or stones of the urinary tract may as well cause manifestations that are apparent as stomach discomforts. Stomach pain that is serious or those that does not get better within one day or two may be manifestations of severe medical diseases. You must seek the help of health care providers if you have a serious stomach pain or you may be pregnant.

What are the Causes of Stomach Pain?

This condition frequently comes from the digestive system, even though they can as well come from disorders of the urinary system, circulatory system, reproductive system, and respiratory system. The symptom can be caused by particular illnesses of the digestive tract involving:

  • Parasitic, viral, or bacterial infection of the alimentary canal
  • Sprue disease
  • Lactose intolerance or the incapacity to absorb lactose found in dairy products
  • Inflammation of an irregular wall-pocket within the large intestine or diverculitis
  • Gallstones or disease
  • Irritation of the stomach inner lining or gastritis
  • GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Liver diseases, such as hepatitis infection
  • Duodenal ulcer

Other causes of this condition may involve hiatal hernia, cancer of pelvic or abdominal organ, kidney stones, endometriosis, menstrual cramps, pleurisy, pelvic inflammatory disease, pneumonia, UTI, and shingles. In some instances, stomach pain can be manifestations of life threatening and severe diseases that must be directly assessed in emergency situations. These can involve abdominal abscess, appendicitis, bowel perforation, and intestinal ischemia.

What are the Questions to be Asked During the Diagnosis of Stomach Pain?

To detect the condition, the physician will ask the patient about various questions associated to the symptom involving:

  • Where does the patient feel the discomfort?
  • How can the patient explain the pain?
  • Have the patient had any discomfort like this prior to its occurrence?
  • Does the patient have any other manifestations?
  • Does the patient take any medications to relieve it?

What are the Possible Complications of Stomach Ache?

Stomach pain may be due to severe conditions and failure to look for managements may result in severe consequences and enduring damage. When the underlying condition is detected, it is essential for the patient to pursue the treatment regimen that the patient and the health care provider designed particularly for the patient to lessen the chances of possible complications to occur involving sterility, internal hemorrhage, rupture of the appendix, and metastasis of cancer cells.