The Famous10 Symptoms of Kidney Disease

Many people don’t even know that they suffer from kidney disease until it’s at a chronic stage. Kidney disease will take many years before it turn into kidney failure. This article is to bring awareness to kidney disease and knowing the symptoms early would help you save your kidney. Please consult your GP or doctor if any of the symptoms presents.

The Famous10 Symptoms of Kidney Disease

Symptom 1: Urination (the differences)

The kidney filter the waste and produces urines. And though, if urination changes the effect and result is very direct.

  • Urge to urinate during night.
  • Urines are bubbly or foamy, and frequent urination.
  • Or you may urinate in smaller amount then normal and with darker colour urine. This may indicate blood presence in your urine.
  • Pain or difficulty when urinating.

Symptom 2: Swelling

Kidney that fails would not be able to remove excess fluid build up, which then causes swelling around the leg, feet, ankle or face and hand.

Symptom 3: Fatigue

With failing kidney, the production of hormone known as erythropoietin (a-rith’-ro-po’-uh-tin) which is used to carry oxygen throughout our body are lowered. With less oxygen being moved around our body, the brain and muscles will be tired easily. This condition is also known as anemia.

Symptom 4: Itching and Skin Raches

When kidney start to fail, the removal of waste from our body started to fail as well. With waste build-up in our body, the skin will become itchy and develop skin rashes.

Symptom 5: Ammonia Breath

Waste build-up on the blood can causes bad breath and the food will taste differently as well. The condition is call uremia. The person will complain of metallic taste when eating food.

Symptom 6: Vomiting/Nausea

With severe waste buildup on the blood, this will cause the person to vomit and feel nausea. With such a feeling, the person will loss appetite to eat and causes weight loss.

Symptom 7: Breath Shortness

Kidney failure may causes shortness is breath. This is because the extra fluid has build up in the lung area which prevents oxygen exchange in the lung. Or your blood is starving of oxygen caused by anemia.

Symptom 8: Feeling Cold

The feeling of chill even when the person is on a warm place (fever)

Symptom 9: Trouble Focusing and Dizziness

Kidney failure will causes anemia and with anemia , the brain is starved of oxygen and this can causes dizziness and trouble focusing.

Symptom 10: Pain

A person with kidney disease can feel pain and discomfort feeling around the kidney area.